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Our Advanced Technology

It’s very exciting to be in dentistry these days because technology continues to develop at an ever quickening pace. Dr. David Vaca, Dr. Chris Kirby, and our team continue to update and invest in our office so we can benefit from the latest advancements in the field. These new tools allow us to perform a variety of procedures faster, safer, and with less discomfort. Sounds like a winning combination to us! You can learn more about our technology below, and contact us today to schedule an appointment to experience their benefits in person!

Man in dental chair receives x-rays

Team member setting up Galileos 3D CT scan for female patient

Galileos 3D Cone Beam Scanner

Another important aspect of our digital dentistry practice is the Galileo 3D cone beam scanner. Where other dental x-rays only allow us to see one side of the tooth or a few teeth at a time, our Galileos system gives us a three dimensional view of an individual tooth or the whole smile. This system has made it possible for our dental office to provide some of the most advanced treatments more quickly, safely, and comfortably than ever before.

Learn More About Galileos 3D Cone Beam Scanner

Woman in dental chair examined with intraoral camera

Intraoral Camera

This small, handheld device allows you to get a “dentist’s eye view” of your teeth and gums. Our DigiDoc Camera is able to capture high-resolution images and display them instantly on a chairside monitor. This not only makes it much easier for your dentist to spot small issues, it also enables you to finally see what they are talking about. By being more informed, you can make more confident decisions about your dental care.

Dr. Kirby the hygienists and a smiling dental patient

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an extremely important part of dentistry today because they allow our team to catch problems that are hidden below the surfaces of your teeth. We only use Dexis digital x-rays in our office because compared to traditional ones, they create images much faster (which we can show you instantly), don’t require toxic chemicals to be processed, and they even emit up to 80% less radiation. This is great news for our team and patients alike, because remember, we’re around this equipment all day!

Hand holding soft tissue laser wand

Soft Tissue Laser

Our Precise LTM Soft Tissue Laser allows us to complete a variety of periodontal procedures quickly and virtually painlessly. Whether we’re using it to treat gum disease or for a cosmetic procedure, this laser can eliminate excess tissue with extreme precision without disturbing the surrounding gums. This means you’ll feel less soreness both during and after a procedure. Plus, it cauterizes as it goes, which helps prevent bleeding and dramatically reduce your recovery time.

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