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Cosmetic Dentistry Longview TX: What Causes Tooth Staining?

Whitening can help give you a brighter smile. At Vaca & Kirby Dental Group our cosmetic dentistry Longview TX can help with this! Maybe you have some stains that you want to get rid of or maybe you just want to be a little bit brighter. Some staining takes a little more work to get rid of. So your dentist in Longview, TX has compiled a list of things that cause tooth staining in the first place.

  • Poor Dental Hygiene: Inadequate brushing and flossing can lead to stains. If you aren’t brushing and flossing regularly and properly, you aren’t removing everything left from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.
  • Age: As you age, enamel gets worn away.
  • Genetics (translucency and thinness of teeth): Some people naturally have brighter or thicker enamel. Teeth that are thick and opaque have an advantage.
  • Eating habits: The surface of your teeth becomes more transparent as certain foods and drinks contribute to enamel erosion. To read a list of beverages and foods that contribute to staining, click here.
  • Smoking habits: Smoking causes intrinsic discoloration because nicotine leaves brownish deposits that slowly soak into the tooth structure.
  • Grinding: Grinding your teeth can be caused by stress. It can add to micro-cracking in your teeth. This will cause the biting-edges of your teeth to become darkened.
  • Trauma: Injuries can produce large cracks in your teeth. Stains and debris can be collected in the cracks of your teeth if you’ve had an injury.

Vaca & Kirby Dental Group is here to help you develop good oral hygiene habits and continue to improve your smile. If you’d like to make an appointment with us, click below.

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