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Get to the Root of the Problem with a Root Canal

While the words “I need a root canal” may be scary to some, it’s important to know that a root canal is one of the most common dental procedures used today.

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Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

A tooth actually has multiple layers, and the inner most layer is called the dental pulp. This is where the sensitive nerve of your tooth resides, and it’s why you’re able to feel your teeth despite them being rigid structures. Sometimes, either due to an injury or extreme decay, this pulp can become damaged and/or infected. At this point, a patient will probably experience a lot of pain and swelling around the tooth. In fact, this pain is actually why the procedure has such a dubious reputation. In order to save your tooth and relive your pain, a root canal will need to be performed

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How a Root Canal Works

A root canal involves a few basic steps:

  • Dr. Vaca or Dr. Kirby will create an access hole in your tooth in order to reach the pulp.
  • They’ll remove the damaged tissue and fill the tooth with a sterile substance to prevent reinfection.
  • At another appointment, a crown will be applied to the tooth in order to restore its strength and appearance.

Most of the time, the root canal itself can be completed in just one visit, and you’ll receive a crown at another appointment. Your tooth may feel a bit more sensitive for a week or so afterward, but it will definitely feel much better than when you first came to our office.

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If you experience a visible injury or swelling in your tooth, severe pain in your tooth and gums, or extreme sensitivity to temperature, your tooth may have suffered damage to the dental pulp. The doctors will visit with you in our Longview TX dental office and determine if this simple and reliable procedure is necessary. Be sure to contact our office today if you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms!

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