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FAQ - What Are Some Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea?

Welcome to Sleepwell Longview! If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you know that there are a few choices available to you to treat it. The most common treatment, the CPAP, is a mask that you wear on your face during sleep that opens up your breathing passageway. As you might expect, the CPAP mask is not comfortable to sleep in and many people that select it for treatment end up not using it after several weeks. Surgery is another option, but the effectiveness is limited and it doesn't work for everyone. Oral appliances are quickly becoming the most popular treatment choice as it functions similar to a retainer and fits comfortably in your mouth during sleep. Like the CPAP, it opens up your breathing passageway, but has the advantage of being much more comfortable - especially if the oral appliance you get has been custom created for you by your dentist. Ready to sleep all the way through the night again? Call us today and get the restful sleep you deserve!