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Types of Oral Appliances

Sleep Apnea Appliances in Longview, TX

At SLEEPwell Longview, nothing we do is one-size-fits-all. Each patient is a unique person with particular needs, and we make sure their care reflects that. That is why we offer a wide selection of different oral appliances that can all be custom designed for every patient. When you come to see us, Dr. Vaca and Dr. Kirby will go over each type of appliance so you can choose the one that best suits you. If you would like to learn more about the appliances we are currently offering, please contact us today.

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The Herbst appliance is a very small metal device which works by gently fitting onto the top and bottom back teeth which are then connected by a thin metal bar to slightly adjust the jaw. While wearing this appliance, a patient will have no restriction of movement, allowing them to speak and drink like normal. It can also be used to make orthodontic adjustments to the jaw in order to improve sleep apnea symptoms over time.


The ProSomnus® brand offers oral appliances which are comfortable, unobtrusive, and strong. While a CPAP machine operates by holding your airway open with air pressure, these appliances and others like them work by gently holding the jaw in a position that keeps the soft tissues from blocking your airway. Benefits of the ProSomnus® include having options for a completely metal-free device, improved device strength, a three-year warranty, and a fast turnaround time.


The Panthera D-SAD uses highly advanced state-of-the-art technology to take extremely accurate 3D scans of each patient's mouth and utilize CAD and CAM (Computer Assisted Design and Machining, respectively) technology to offer a level of precision simply not possible with hand-crafted appliances. This combined with their specially-designed polymers allow for extremely precise adjustment.


SomnoMed presents SomnoDent, a range of oral devices that are high-quality, custom-fit, and non-restrictive. They are also highly adaptable, meaning they can function unhindered by things like missing teeth, bridge work, crowns, or even dentures. These devices come in a broad range of styles to best suit the patient's unique needs.

Call SLEEPwell Longview today at (903) 206-3464 to schedule your appointment for our sleep apnea appliances in Longview, TX.

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Success Stories
  • “I’m looking forward to receiving my sleep appliance and getting much needed beauty sleep! Lord knows it is needed!”

    - T.K.
  • “After 10 years sleeping in the spare bedroom, time to move back into the master bedroom. Yeah!”

    - Terry S.
  • “Made me feel extremely cared for and valued as a human life.”

    - Matthew M.

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