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Get To Know Our Patient: Lauren Arnold

Welcome to Vaca and Kirby Dental! Meet Lauren - when she moved to the Fort Worth area, she needed to find a new dentist. She ended up meeting Kristi, who works as a dental hygienist for us and she recommended that Lauren give our office a try. As a physical therapist, Lauren understands how important it is to listen to your patients and truly understand their problems and where they're coming from. She says that she always feels like she has the attention that she deserves when she comes to us and is treated like a friend rather than just another case. Lauren recalls an incident during her pregnancy where she began to have dry mouth and it ended up causing several cavities; she had 16 where she had had none previously! We were able to fill her cavities in just two treatments and complete her smile, something she thought would end up taking much longer. Before coming to us, Lauren says that she hadn't considered that there was such a quality difference between different dentists, but now she knows that she's getting the best treatment that Longview and East Texas has to offer. Discover for yourself where Lauren and many of your friends and neighbors get their bright smiles - schedule your next dental appointment with us today: